Our Story

What is a Rock Monkey?

We sell amazing apparel, but the name begins with the Stone Monkey's of Yosemite. However, our name goes much further than these rock climbers. Our roots stretch towards the rivers full of trout, the hills covered in snow, the trails unsee and much further. But no matter where you take us we are all connected with the passion. Like the climbers of Yosemite we desire more in life. We all desire to dream dreams, but to begin living them. We are Rock Monkey. And we are LIVING THE DREAM!

Why we do what we do?

RMO exist on the belief that through selling quality apparel we can change the world.

How are we doing this?

Every order you purchase we give to clean water projects all over the world.  In fact, we've given over $18,000 to clean water projects over the past couple of years. Our hope is to end the water crisis through giving and raising awareness. 

What are we selling?

Our team is dedicated to creating quality apparel that is both unique and personal to you.

Rock Monkey (/räk/ /ˈməNGkē/) : we are a species who desire to climb rocks, wear cool clothing, and live dreams not just dream them.